ولادتي بالفهد .. وجه السعد ?

تجربه ولاده بالحبيب

woman in gray and white floral shirt sitting on bed

Accelerated, effective, I can describe how the birth was


In the beginning, as I mentioned to you before, I had a problem with increasing the amniotic fluid around the fetus. It was not a serious problem, but it made me back away from the idea of ​​a home birth that I had planned for ? (Honestly, there was no arrangement. I said to sit as long as possible, and if the fetus appeared, I would call the emergency room. It was a crazy plan, but everything had to be 100% perfect, and in my case everything was perfect except 90%).

I chose Al-Habib Hospital to be born in, as it was the most supportive of instinctive childbirth, according to my research

The day I went to the last review with Dr. Rania, she says everything is fine. There is no fear of an increase in the fluid except in the case of the umbilical cord prolapse before the fetus, and here the problem arises and at that time I can turn into an operation, but it is a very rare case. And refusing the operation could be my test, so learn, girls, don’t get upset about the tests that God puts for you. We do what we have to do, and what comes from our Lord is God’s life.

The important thing is that the doctor wrote me an artificial divorce on Sunday (at that time I would have completed the 40th week).

Of course Noura ? She had no intention of going to him of course ? I have a chance until week 42 is normal, so I like things to go normally and follow the fetus and water every day and that’s it

I continued to exercise on the ball so that the baby would go down to the pelvis, because he was not engaging properly in the pelvis because of the increase in water, so was the breach ? for the same reason, he was swimming and somersaulting every bit, the womb pressed him once in one place ?

With all of this, my interlocutor still clung to the positive and did not allow an iota of fear or anxiety to enter me, comforting my head that my God created this body and knows how to behave.

I intensified my caliber, following strategies at the end of pregnancy, from a warm bathtub with magnesium salts, a walk on the sea, tea with raspberry leaves, and every two days I do anything in the salon, a pedicure or a massage, at least a foot massage or a manicure only, anything that distracts me from waiting and makes me feel pampered in order to raise the oxytocin required to start childbirth

I went to my doctor at Marjan Complex (I don’t know if she is available yet) on Saturday, which is the day before the artificial labor day.

She did a routine examination at 3 pm, she found that the uterus was 3 cm wide, and she said that you are giving birth ?

I told her to do a dilatation for me to induce labor and speed it up (it is considered a safe procedure if labor appears and the uterus is dilated)

I got out of her and walked in the corridors. I went to the clinic for an hour, then I came back to her as she asked me, and I found the uterus expanded to 4. This means that induction is beneficial, and we entered the first stage of childbirth.

I wanted a pregnant massage to bring me home, of course I didn’t sweep her ? I let her come and arranged a nice session to support the flow of the oxytocin hormone and speed up the birth process and create a more positive experience. And I let her turn on scents of lavender and sage. Sage or sage also stimulates contractions. I finished the session and had lunch. I made me a thermos of raspberry leaf tea and a bowl of fresh pineapple, and I sat on the ball drinking it and watching movies (all this while I was outdoors, the contractions were subtle and I could feel them, sometimes I need to focus to feel them and count between each shot how many shots)

A shot I sit on the ball to breathe, and a shot in the bathroom. You are kind. We empty the bladder to expand the baby so that he enters the pelvis easier.

The day the feelings became clear, I went to the hospital every 3 minutes, and I called my sister to sit with my daughters so that I could be completely reassured, especially since the maid was new to me.

The sensations are still very light and I can feel them. I arrived at the hospital and they told me that it was only 5 cm long. I thought of going home, but my daughters were mad ? screaming and playing and every little bit going to me, so I decided to sit in the hospital and make my calm atmosphere in the room better. I called the doula to get me there and I went straight to the delivery room

I gave them my birth plan before, and on the day I arrived I had a copy with me after I gave it to them. One of the most important points in it is that they don’t interfere with me every bit, so I politely asked them for this and told them that it’s okay to turn off the lights, I’m asleep, and don’t interfere with me, and they really respected this thing, they never come unless I ask them

Hypnosis for Childbirth - What is It and How Does It Work?

At 9 o’clock at night, the sensations (the shooting) seemed to intensify and become stronger, and I could now feel them. Um, it wasn’t painful, but rather a feeling of pressure, but I like to focus on it by breathing. I eat and give me specific massages and direct me to the right movement. Her presence was 80% helpful for a positive and wise experience. I can say. My husband is also with me as psychological support. His presence was important and raised my spirits more.

The sensations seemed to intensify and the baby was still high, according to the doctor’s examination. She suggested that I open the fetal sac from the beginning, but I told her to let everything go normally, not now, but I called her at 12 o’clock to open it. Maybe things would speed up more. The day she measured me, she said it was 5 and a half. and painkillers? So be patient, let things go slowly and naturally, and you won’t be born until 8 in the morning (she said it like a tick to me, I felt hateful to me because all my birth plan is NO NO NO ? Yes, I have the same wart as for doctors)

Here I was really shattered, until I spoke to Nouran, and I was upset that the contractions intensified, and three hours passed, and finally there was no progress ?

She told me to sleep and consider that it was not his birth, and everything would be fine

Of course, as a result of this tension, this is a surge of adrenaline, which makes the feelings less comfortable ??

I got hold of the subject and ran the hypnosis sessions that I took from Nouran’s course, and I sat praying to God for a miracle that would let everything pass quickly, contrary to their expectations.


At some point, I feel that I have gone outside the globe and entered within myself, a great spiritual feeling, I sat contemplating the splendor of the creation of the human body, how God created the womb to work as a separate organ from me, what I have to give it a chance to work but that I give all the energy to it alone, that I relax the rest of the muscles of my body

An hour later, at 2 o’clock, I finished sleeping. I said, “Let’s get up, move around a little bit,” and the doula helped me. She tied a rope to the bed and started doing squats.

Optimal Maternal Positioning

Immediately I began to feel a push, and I did not push. I used to do G breathing, and the doula reminds me that when you see me, I start to push or squeeze subconsciously. Of course, this is the result of prolonged training during all months of pregnancy at the time of the bathroom, so its application was easy for me.

Praise be to God, I began to feel the water leaking, and at that time my spirits rose to the heavens, that I was born, even this thing was reflected in the feelings, girls, there was no pain when I was happy ? It became a feeling of tension that has nothing to do with pain ?

And after a second sensation, suddenly: Boom, all the ammonous fluid spilled out of the womb, filling the whole room, what I expected so much ?

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We rang the bell and the crew quickly rang, and I was in a second world, in the propulsion stage, as if the soul was looking for a second place, as if I was inside a planet, I could not feel what was around me, and here lies the spirituality of the soul leaving the soul ? with difficulty I understood from them that he got out of the bed. Down and I felt him sitting up a little bit, and I lay down on the side and raised my legs, and here was the third push, I know my body was asking me for this position, even though I was planning to sit on all fours, but at that time your body will ask you for the position that suits it

The doctor helped me with a massage to expand the vagina without tearing and so that it would not be cut. The last push I felt with great strength as it flowed into my body, and I pushed as hard as I could with the method of hors breathing that the doula reminded me of, and it was very effective




And my fetus finally came into the world ?

The feeling of birth, really the soul leaving the soul, the feeling that it is my soul that I was born again, not just a boy, as if his first light came out and entered his light again as soon as my child left my body, my eyes began to see in another perspective, as if I was wearing black glasses and suddenly these glasses were paralyzed and I began to see the light again ? How does my Lord replace all tiredness with joy and wedding ? Praise be to God, Lord, God willing, every one of you will live this Feeling the most beautiful ?


They let me see a little leopard, but then they took him immediately and sucked out the water that cleared his lungs because he was defecating inside, although the labor was never prolonged, the severe third stage was only two hours, but it was strong and fast. They gave him oxygen and sat feeling in it as soon as I finish. And we lived the golden hour with my husband, and they thank God for His grace and grace

May God bless everyone who wants the most beautiful moments of pregnancy and childbirth, O Karim


My experience with Al Habib Hospital

It was very excellent, they supported my plan in all its details, they have the pillar on the bed for the right of the squats, ask them to put it for you, you see they don’t like to ride it I don’t know why ? and they have a birthing ball, and the most important thing is a mobile planning device that you can ask them to have freedom of movement, so I was moving and walking all the time while he was on me

الأكل لذيذ تبع دايت سنتر ، العنايه ممتازه ، طفلك يصير قدامك عالشاشه تشوفينه وهو بالحضانه ، و عادي يقعد عندك طول الوقت بعد اذا طلبتي ، كنت اذا بروح حمام أخليهم ياخذونه عندهم عشان مايصير لحاله ، و اذا خلصت يجيبونه يقعد عندي ، طبعاً طالبه منهم أنه يرضع طبيعي فـ مااعطوه صناعي لما يكون عندهم بالحضانه ، التنويم ليله بس ، و من بكرا قبل الظهر تمشين فـ اذا ناويه تسوين استقبال بالمستشفى مايمنديك ألا اذا بتحجزين ليله زياده

ماأخذت أي نوع مسكن ، اعتمدت عالتنفس و الإسترخاء اللي تعلمته بالكورسات ” وصدقوني ” كان كثييير فعال أكثر من مسكنات المستشفى اللي جربتها بكل أنواعها بولاداتي اللي قبل

الخدمات فندقيه مثل أي مستشفى خاص اخر مايحتاج تجيبين معك أشياء للعنايه ، من شامبو و فرشاة اسنان و فوطه و غيره ، الشبشب حقهم جلد بارد فـ جيبي معك شراب احسن

الدولا اخذت رقمها من موقع أماني بيرث

هنديه كانت ، تتكلم انجليزي و شوية كلمات عربي ، رائعه تهبل و هي بنفسها عندها ٤ اطفال فـ مرت بهالتجريه ، هذه صفحتها

و بموقع اماني تلقون دولات من كل العالم ، انتوا تواصلوا معهم و شوفوا عروضهم و اللي يقدمونه و اختاروا اللي يناسبكم


خطة ولادتي

ارقفت كذا نموذج لخطط الولاده في متجري ، حطيت الخيارات الآساسيه المفضله لأغلب البنات ، و مفتوحه لك بشكل مرن بحيث تقدرين تعدلين و تضيفين عليها اللي تحبين، خليتها بالانجليزي ليكون المناسب لكل المستشفيات حتى لو الطاقم عرب رح يفهمون طبعاً و انتي تقدرين تترجمينه بجوجل اذا حابه


كذلك يسعدني أكون شريكتك في رحلة حملك و ولادتك لتحصلي على أجمل تجربه ممكنه , فتحت باقات اشتراك التدريب الصحي للحمل و الولاده اذا حابه مساعده لتطوير تجربتك لأفضل شكل من هنا كل التفاصيل ?

And that was all. His post is rich and correct. I did not want to skip any detail. I intend to you the most beautiful birth, and the most beautiful sustenance and pregnancy for any lonely woman who loves her ?

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